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Due to the Pandemic of Covid 19,  the coffee shop  "I am Coffee Cafe" has closed. I no longer have my photos on display in a physical location.

  I will be updating this siteand my facebook page, over the next few weeks.    

Photographs from Canada's Great Bear Rainforest


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Welcome to my web site.  Come in, browse around and look at the pictures. If there is anything that you would like to have, or have me do for you, contact me by e-mail (photo@tcrocker.ca) or by phone (705) 653 1100.
I am a former high school science teacher and am now pursuing a new career as a free lance photographer. I was introduced to photography by my late father,  "helping" him in the darkroom from about age 10, and encouraged by him to completely make my own black and white photographs from exposure to processing and printing, at about the same age. 
Since leaving teaching in 1998, I have traveled, opened up a business in photography, graduated from Humber College with a Certificate in Photographic Techniques (with honours), traveled some more, and enjoyed doing it all.
My photographs have been published in a few magazines, and in "On Safari" a book to depict all aspects of the modern Safari in Eastern and Southern Africa. 142 photographers took part in this venture, throughout 2004. The companion web site is at [www.onsafari.info]
Some nature photographs have won ribbons at the Toronto Camera Club, and acceptances in shows by the Photographic Society of America, the Greater Toronoto Council of Camera Clubs and the Lindsay Gallery. They have been sold at Contact in Toronto, the Lindsay Gallery, the Station Gallery of Fenelon Falls, the Grindhouse Cafe in Campbellford, and the 100 Mile Diner in Warkworth. I also sell directly from my home studio, and have photographed for artists, dancers, manufacturers and business people.
I am prepared to photograph many things, from the very small to quite large. My digital conversion is now complete, and all new work is done in with professional digital SLR cameras.
All work, digitial photography, scanning of slides and negatives, and prints, and all photoshop work is done by me. Output can be still images for electronic viewing, digital files for composing printed matter, or archival quality digital prints.  
I enjoy the challenge of photographing something that may not be so easy to do.  Ask, and find out if I can do something for you.

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