Pet Portraits
Tony Crocker, Photographer

Meet Our Dogs

We have two delightful girls, Karlee & Roxy.
Karlee is a white and brindle boxer,  adopted in August 2012  at 5 months old.
Roxy is a fancy fawn boxer, adopted from Boxer Rescue Ontario in April 2015 at 6 years old.  


  Dogs belonging to Lodale Kennels  

Dog Carting, Boarding & Grooming, Breeders of Samoyeds & Akitas
Serving the Pet Community since 1968
City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada
(705) 344 6205 

sammy1 akitagirl

 Dogs belonging to NEWFHILL KENNELS

 Dog Carting, Breeders of Newfounland Dogs
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
(705) 652 DOGS (3647)


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